HOW TO USE avtostops?
1. Once more - the service is completely free!
2. How to use the Search?

First you have to choose the country in which you are looking for rides. At the moment you can look in Moscow, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and in all countries. In "all countries" you can find rides in all countries and rides between these countries, for example "Moscow - Kiev".

If you are passenger and looking for drivers please choose "search drivers" If you are a driver and looking for passengers please choose "search passengers".

Now select your departure city and arrival city. If you select "all cities" as departure or arrival city you are searching in all cities in your chosen country. It can be helpful, if your direct city search has no results or you just want to look which rides are online.

Now choose the date on which you are looking for a ride. You can choose "anytime" if you are looking for all rides in the future from today. You can choose a concrete date if you are looking for rides on a certain date.

Press the search button to start your search. You will see a list of rides, ordered by date and time, according to your search options. You can see more detailled infos about the rides if you click the "car symbol". If you search has no results please start a new search with different options.

3. How to enter a ride?

First you have to make the free registration. After signing in you can enter a new ride. Choose "offer" if you are a driver and you are looking for passengers. If you are a passenger and you are looging for drivers please choose "request".

The next step is the selection of the "arrival" and "departure" city. You can choose any city from any country. If drivers are able to make a stop during the ride they can choose a "stop" city. Departure and arrival cities can be the same, for example "Moscow-Moscow", if the ride is within the nearer city area.

Please enter the other details like the number of "seats", the "costs" for each person, the "contact" information, the departure "date" and "time" and further information in the "text" step by step.

Please choose whether your ride is an "one-time" or an "regular" one. If you have chosen a regular ride select the weekdays by clicking the boxes. At last press the "Enter" button. The rides are entered weekly and for the next 2 months (60 days). Your ride is then published in our community. Please place only serious offers and requests!

4. How to manage my rides

You can watch, change and delete your rides in my rides.

5. How to manage my account?

You can also manage your user account.

6. For more information and tips please send us an e-mail.