1. Avtostop - What is it?
Avtostop or Hitchhiking - is a means of transportation that is gained by asking people,
usually strangers, for a ride in their automobile
or other road vehicle to travel a distance that may either be short or long.
The latter may require many rides from different people; a ride is usually but not always free.
If one wishes to indicate that they need a ride, they must simply make a hand gesture.
Normally, the gesture is to stick one of their thumbs upward.
Nowadays you can use our website for organizing your rides with your computer and phone.
2. How can I find passengers?
The best and quickest way to find passengers is to publish your ride as an "offer".
Important for this service is the entry of your valid phone number and/or email address.
Please enter the information about your ride such as departure and arrival cities,
the time and date of departure, details about the meeting point and price for the ride and...
The ride will be published immediately on avtostops.ru.
Passengers can then easily find the ride in the "search for drivers" and contact you.
Furthermore you can use the "search for passengers" and get in contact with the passengers.
3. How can I find drivers?
The best and quickest way to find drivers is to use the "search for drivers".
At first choose between the search in single countries or all countries.
At second choose your departure and arrival city or "all cities" if you want an overview.
If you search a driver on a certain date select day, month and year exactly.
To find drivers on several dates select "anytime" and you will probably find more drivers.
If you find no driver you can make a "request" entry with all the information
especially your valid phone number and/or email address.

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